Stan Calvert Memorial Cup Games 2014

From this day to the ending of the world,
. . . we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,

William Shakespeare, Henry V

On Sunday 2nd March 2014, Team Northumbria's Class of 2014 triumphantly brought The Stan Calvert Memorial Cup home, following a week long clash with Team Newcastle in the UK's largest varsity event.

The annual Stan Calvert Cup, a major highlight in the University sporting calendar, sees over 70 Northumbria teams compete against Newcastle University in 24 sports - a truly spectacular spectator experience.

Hannah Marshall, Student Sports President, Northumbria University, was presented with the cup after the final Stan Calvert game, a rugby union match, at Gateshead Stadium on Sunday evening. Hannah said: “It was pretty tense following the match updates and at times, there wasn’t much in it. But we knew we had won at about 5.30pm when we realised there was just no way Newcastle could catch up. We announced the news and Twitter just exploded!

“Lifting the trophy was just an amazing experience and I’m so proud of everyone who competed, supported and reported on the games. Being a part of the Team Northumbria family has totally defined my time at University and winning Stan Calvert was literally the best day of my life.”

Our amazing students tell their story in our news, video and Storify sections below.

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Stan Calvert Storify - The Story So Far
2014 Results Table



American Football         

Lost 42-0

(Track and Field)

Won 6.25-4.75

Badminton M1

Badminton M2

Badminton W

Lost 7-1

Won 5-3

Won 5-3

Basketball M1

Basketball M2

Basketball M3

Basketball W1

Basketball W2

Won 83-71

Won 92-57

Won 78-56

Won 108-28

Won 50-33

Cricket M1

Cricket M2

Cricket W

Won By 37 Runs

Won By 49 Runs

Tie (both 93-1 off 10)

Cross Country M

Cross Country W



Fencing M1

Fencing W1

Lost 45-34

Lost 90-40

Football M1

Football M2

Football M3

Football W1

Football W2

Won 4-2

Won 6-2 

Drew 3-3

Won 4-0

Won 9-0

Futsal W

Won 7-2

Gaelic Football

Won 3-11 to 0-4

Golf 1

Golf 2

Won 4-2

Won 5-1

Hockey M1

Hockey M2

Hockey M3

Hockey W1

Hockey W2

Hockey W3

Lost 3-0

Lost 5-2

Lost 3-0

Lost 3-1

Lost 5-1

Lost 4-0

Lacrosse W

Lacrosse M

Won 9-8 

Lost 18-3

Netball 1

Netball 2

Netball 3

Netball 4

Won 35-33

Lost 36-30

Won 62-30

Lost 29-28

Rugby L M1

Rugby L M2

Won 18-10

Won 38-4

Rugby Union M1

Rugby Union M2

Rugby Union M3

Rugby Union W

Won 10-7

Won 20-15

Lost 35-12

Lost 20-5


Beginner W4

Beginner M4

Senior W (pair or double or single tbc)

Senior M (Single)

Lost 8-0
Skiing 1  Won 2-1

Squash M1

Squash M2

Squash M3

Squash W1

Squash W2

Lost 5-0

Lost 3-0

Lost 2-1

Won 4-0

Drew 2-2

 Swimming M

 Swimming W

Won 5-1

Table Tennis M1

Table Tennis W1

Table Tennis W2

Won 10-7

Won 3-2

Tennis M1

Tennis M2

Tennis W1

Won 12-0 

Won 10-2

Lost 10-2

Volleyball  M

Volleyball  W

Won 3-0
Won 3-0

Waterpolo M

 Waterpolo W

Won 11-9

Lost 12-3

Polly The Parrot's Infinite Stan Calvert Playlist

Polly the Parrot has compiled a list of his favourite tunes that help him get motivated for the Stan Calvert Memorial Cup! 

Get into the spirit of the games and download these tunes to your smart phone, via iTunes or Spotify. 

  1. Run This Town – Jay Z, Kanye West and Rihanna (Clean Version - because he's classy like that!)
  2. Here Comes the Boom – Nelly (Clean Version)
  3. We Run The World – Beyonce
  4. Lose Yourself – Eminem (Clean Version)
  5. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis
  6. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore (Clean Version)
  7.  Start Me Up – Rolling Stones
  8. I’ve Got a Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
  9. It’s Like That – RUN DMC (Clean Version)
  10. Fire  -  Kasabian


So what is Stan Calvert?

This annual event between students of Northumbria and Newcastle Universities has become one of the UK’s largest varsity sporting competitions.

The competition was named in recognition of the efforts of a man who committed his life to the promotion of collegiate and community sport in the North East region.

Each year, hundreds of students from both universities take part in a day of sporting fixtures held in his honour, with the aim of holding the Stan Calvert trophy aloft in victory.

Stan Calvert was a man who contributed 33 years of outstanding service to sport, not only to Newcastle University but also to the region as a whole.

It is therefore fitting his trophy covers such a wide range of sports, involves so many students and is a true celebration of University sport.

Previous Winners
Academic Year Winning University Points
2012 - 2013 Newcastle University   
2011 - 2012 Newcastle University 100.5 - 52.5
2010 - 2011 Newcastle University 96.25 - 60.75
2009 - 2010 Newcastle University 83.75 - 32.25
2008 - 2009 Newcastle University 61 - 51
2007 - 2008 Newcastle University 54 - 40
2006 - 2007 Northumbria University 45 - 33
2005 - 2006 Newcastle University 41 - 37


Our Sponsor

Team Northumbria have partnered with Aldi, one of the UK’s most sought-after graduate training scheme providers, for this year’s Stan Calvert memorial cup. Aldi’s logo will feature on the official Team Northumbria t-shirt (see Tickets and Pricing) and associated event branding.

To find out more about Aldi’s graduate training schemes and other great career opportunities visit 

Team Northumbria Family!
Stan Calvert 2014 - Trailer #2 Team Northumbria's mascot is ready for the Stan Calvert Memorial Cup Games - Are you??! This is a film by Sport Media Intern Darius Setsoafia.
Stan Calvert 2014 - Teaser #1 The event you've been waiting for all year is finally here, The Stan Calvert Memorial Cup Games 2014! A film by Media Intern Darius Setsoafia.


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