After six years of hurt the tables have finally been turned.

Huge congratulations to everybody and live updates on the remaining fixtures - including the showpiece M1 Rugby Union clash at Gateshead Stadium - will continue below.

And it's all over for another year:


FT 10-7 Team Northumbria!


Thanks to the following for providing the best running commentary money can buy:









Follow them for the rest of the academic year for all of your Northumbria University Sport news and relive a great day by working your way through the timeline below:


Play resumes after medics stretcher off a Northumbrian. Standing ovation


Few nice tackles on Newcastle livens up the action, Northumbria pushing. Posh bashing continues regardless


's favourite rugby coach has shown up so no more tweets from her tonight...

Now this sounds like it's far more interesting than the on-field action. Tell us more.

Much of this second half has been scrappy. Middle of the park dominating.

Sounds like a classic.

I completely concede that is the superior Media Team intern. Poly shoes off for this lad

Did he make you say that? Or just offer you some sweets?

RESULT: Points shared for the 4x100m Relay, some serious sprinting, bit like mine between CL and Longbenton


TN restore their lead through a penalty. 10-7 to TN


An emotional night for Poly. Last Stan Calvert suit up for many athletes wearing red and black. Same goes for TN's media team!


Appreciation needed for 's bright red Poly beard! You're literally a beacon of Poly power!

Everybody loves a good beard...


Funny how the have sparked into life for the Rugby. Where is the rest of today's action. Poor compared to TN's Media effort.

Let's be honest Racey, we've been winning the media race for a few years now. It'll take more than six years for them to win that one.


Newcastle respond with a try and complete with conversion. 7-7 Come on Poly!


TRY: Northumbria draw first blood and converted by #10! 7-0


Game is underway in blustery conditions!

Tim Andrew will absolutely love this reference to the weather. Just like old times...

Argument with a Newcastle student, he said: "We won it six years on the bounce man." I said: "There's no time like the present mate."


"It's been emotional, it was my last game for the Poly but we ended it on a high!" Emotional words from


M1 badminton comes to a close with Newcastle leading 7-1. Team aren't down and out as an overall two out of three ain't bad

Liking the Meat Loaf reference there...

1500 just finished. Newcastle take points on that. Relays to go. Hopefully we can win the athletics.


Two halves for Newcastle in a storming 1500m race - Northumbria 4.25 Newcastle 2.75.


TN Women win 400m, NCL Men win 400m. Half a point each. 4.25 plays 1.5!


Just waiting for Athletics and M1 Badminton scores to roll in before the big M1 Rugby Union clash...

...if anybody's out there Tweet/text them asap!!


Very happy with that 400m perfomance, full points go to the poly, well done girls!


Newcastle Netball coach Jill Mason: "I felt this could have been our year but I'm sure the girls will rebuild and come back again."

Bad luck Jill. Every player - on both sides - played their part in a fantastic afternoon of netball at Sport Central.


After a 2-2 series draw in the Netball and a thrilling first team win coach Lisa Stanley-Craig said: "It was a very exciting day and it was good to watch. 2-2 was probably fair. It was just a shame that we lost the first game towards the end as a 3-1 win would have been great. Overall I'm really happy with the performances."


M1 badminton poised for a comeback, currently trailing 2-1.


And there it is!!

On a sensational day of sporting action Netball  I recover from an early deficit to take a 34-33 win with the final shot of the game. Great work from TN Media Team rookie Haskinator - keeping us up to date with all the netball news at a buzzing Sport Central this afternoon


Sounds like a thrilling finale in the Netball Firsts...Newcastle may well be throwing in the towel as we speak with absolutely nothing to play for whatsoever.

Waiting for the Haskinator's final score with baited breath...


Those of you who know @TNMediaDaniel will know he's never short of a word or two (or 22). A lot of what he says is utter waffle but these are wise words indeed:

Thanks to all the staff for making this possible and also to who had a vision..believed in it what could be...


Great to hear from another top journo who never got to report on Stan Calvert success:

Big shout to all 's media prodigies - great job

The class of 2014 don't realise how lucky they are to write about success...or, in the Peacemaker's case, failure.


It's all gone quiet at the Newcastle end of things, no word from them.....


All done here! M1 Squash lost 5-0. Not a great day on the squash court for the men as M1,M2,M3 all lose.

Sterling effort as the Peacemaker comes off the bench to make his TN Media Team debut - only to see Newcastle take the shine off his ardent display. They might have won the battle on the squash courts...but they didn't win the war.


It's 29-25 in the Netball I clash at Sport Central with a quarter to play. Come on TN! Level the series, pile on the misery, make this a night to remember...


I literally can't find any words to say... I love you.

Nice touch from our very proud sports pres. If Hannah ever shed tears, she'd be shedding them now.


enjoy this, Col. You and the rest of TN sports staff played a huge part & should take the plaudits as well.

This from a former athlete and TN Media Intern who spent six years at Northumbria...without tasting victory. It can't be a coincidence, surely?


win the Stan Calvert Cup, brilliant! Congratulations everyone! Shame it looks like another squash defeat is on the cards.


TN WIN THE STAN CALVERT! Unbelievably proud to be at Northumbria...congratulations to every single athlete, this is incredible!


Make sure you get to Gateshead Stadium for the rugby and athletics finale...... And to witness collect the cup for NORTHUMBRIA


Great team effort by everyone involved, but we couldn't have done it without our leader you deserve all the credit you get!

Well you certainly couldn't have done much at all without his car...


take the Tennis 4-2 overall! Great turn around from previous years. Well done to all!


Northumbria University, Stan Calvert winners 2014. you are amazing, inspirational and I could not be more proud of everyone


The Haskinator reports that Newcastle's mascot made a dash across the Sport Central court only to take a tumble...pride before a fall and all that.


Sounds like the Netball I result will be as close as ever as Newcastle maintain two-goal advantage at half-time: 17-15. Added support from @TNMediaRace and our ubiquitous Head Of Sport could well be the difference after the break...


adding 4 points to score! M1 on the court now, can we make it another 2 points!?! Come on TN!


Great to hear from former TN Media Team star and current Chronicle hack Andy Fowler after his shift following Sunderland's fortunes at Wembley:

Cracking win. Well done girls! Proud Poly alumni captain.


Again it's worth emphasising that this is an absolutely outstanding result:

Men win 9-8 ! First time in 6 years for Northumbria!!


4-0 here at the squash courts with one game still playing. 1-0 up in that one though, hopefully end the day on a squash high!



FINAL RESULT 5-3 for TN women!!!!


SO that's my shift done, overall fantastic throughout at NU Longbenton, Coach Lane & NU Cochrane Park. Off to Sport Central now

HUGE thanks to Racey for some top class coverage of this year's Stan action and bigger thanks to his chauffeur for the day Mr Colin Stromsoy. It's not often Racey's taken for a ride but when needs must...



RESULT: M1 Lax pull off fantastic victory


Indoor Athletics finished - 3.75 to 1.25 in favour of Northumbria. Women's Hockey lose 3-1.


I had to borrow Hindle's phone but M1 Tennis have completed the victory in style with a 12-0 whitewash! #domination#OurYear


The Peacemaker's sounding a little down after an afternoon covering the squash:

3-0 to Newcastle in the M1 Squash. Barely watched a win all afternoon. Standard very high in the M1 though.


The Haskinator reports from Sport Central that Netball I are 10-8 down after the first period. This one will be tighter than Jack Bridge's trunks (I'm saying that second hand, by the way).


not over just yet... another game won, last one still being played. Will keep you updated. Currently 5-2


This could be one of the BIGGEST stories of Stan Calvert 2014:

No way....hearing that M1 Lacrosse have pulled off a victory at Steads?! Can it be?!


FT: M3 Football 3-3.


2-0 now in the Squash. It looks like being 's day overall, but it certainly hasn't been on the squash court.


3-3 M3 Football


Could be a dramatic denouement at the M3 Football:



Jack Grummitt's counting tends to be spot on so read this and weep tears of joy:

By my count it's 62-48 to Northumbria.


Agony in a nailbiting Netball II clash as TN come right back into it...only to lose 36-31. Now it's down to the firsts to level the Stan Calvert series. All the news here first courtesy of the Haskinator.


I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that it's virtually impossible to review the latest rock and metal album releases at the same time as staying right across Stan Calvert. Someone's going to be disappointed come close of play Sunday...and it's all those progressive metal fans in Poland.


Newcastle take the lead 1-0 in the M1 Squash. Very good performance which is unfortunate for


. and I are loving the hospitality from ! Great bunch w/ Starbursts, digestives and Poly pride on tap

Hospitality? You're supposed to be working...


GOAL: TN M3 Football lead 3-2! YES! YES! YES!


I've just been speaking to TN Table Tennis head coach Dave Godbold and he has confirmed both M1 and W1 have secured victories 10-7 and 3-2..


GOAL: M3 Football equalise 2-2! Corner swung in deep. Tapped in on the volley from a tight angle. Great finish! WOOO!

WOOO? Has your lass taken over the Tweeting...


NU still trailing against women 3-1



M1 Rugby League win 18-10 to take Poly to 60 pts. There is no 'magic number' to get to per se!


Nice to hear from the Peacemaker...it's been too long:

We are underway in the M1 Squash!

Great example of how a simple exclamation mark can evoke so much excitement and anticipation at the end of an otherwise desperately dull sentence.


The Haskinator checks in from Sport Central where the Netball IIs are trailing Newcastle 28-20. It's not over until the fat lady sings...


The last few tweets refer to M3 Football. Current score: 2-1 Newcastle


POINTS IN THE BAG and it's a massive one:

2ndXV WIN!!!! 20-15 unbelievable huge effort so proud!


RESULT: W2 Hockey lose 5-1. Shame, but hoping the W1 can get two points back! Moving onto where it all started later, NU Longbenton.


Reckon there's a little window here to get the kettle on. The Champagne is already on...ice, that is. Could we hear the popping of corks well before the M1 Rugby Union look to wrap up Stan Clavert 2014 in style? Big lead right now.


Never felt so full of passion than today. The one day of the year all Poly players stand together

Well said that man. Shame there isn't more than one day mind. Let's work on that...


Oh no! TN M2 now only lead 20-15 with 10 minutes to go


GOAL: M3 Football. Newcastle take the lead to TN's disappointment. Come on lads!


Another 2 pts in the bag! 8-0 up after a win for Peach in straight sets...with singles and doubles still on court. #Polybashing#OurYear


The Haskinator reports that Netball II are 17-12 down at half-time. Big effort required to get back into that one...if you're in the vicinity of Sport Central drop everything and drop in. Your girls need YOU.


Right after my Mac decided to take a break it looks like I'm back and with plenty to catch up on...

To summarise:

* Netball IIs are up and running and were 8-6 down after the first quarter.

*Badminton M2 WON

*Basketball M2 WON 92-57

*Football M3 0-0 after 30 mins

*M2 Rugby Union 20-8 up in dying stages



sorry completely messed up previous tweet! Final score for badminton M2 was 5-3 WIN FOR

Pressure clearly getting to @TNMediaChloe on her Stan Calvert debut...happens to us all.


TRY: M1 RL TN make it 16-10!


5-3 to Newcastle. Just finished now! Great performance from singles and doubles, unfortunate ending!


Right M1 RL lead 12-10. Back in the Poly wagon to go watch the M3 Football and then the W1 Hockey.



Golf Mx2 win at Maften Hall, brilliant display lads. Both Fencing teams fall to good Newcastle outfits.


W1 Squash win 4-0 over the road, confirming their Premiership superiority. - score at Northumbria 52 Newcastle 38.


Argh! 2-0 down in M2 Squash after a 3-1 defeat in the second match. Don't think I will be invited back at this rate.


Fresh cries of 'Poly 'Til I Die!' from the TN crowd as Women's singles take to the floor


There is a league between the teams here but you couldn't guess as TN drive over the line and Masterson converts to give M2 10-8 lead


TRY: For Newcastle, oh no, forward pass, oh yes, Newcastle regain possession and score again. Score now 10-6 to Posh


On Netball III's huge - and hugely impressive - win coach Lisa Stanley-Craig told the Haskinator: "The girls performed really well. Excellently. It was the best I'd seen them perform all season." 

LS-C loves a bit of media stuff. If we're not careful she'll be the face of Stan Calvert 2014...


TRY: TN grab one back and score the conversion. TN lead 6-4.


Doing the job here at Northumberland Club currently cruising 6-0 overall from straight set wins at #1 doubles and #3 and #4 singles


Looks like Racey's stint on the Head Of Sport's back seat was time well spent. Recharged and ready to go he brings news of more...


RESULT: M2 Football win 6-2. Another two points for TN.


So as of 2.50pm we've built up a nice little 10-point lead. It's the kind of advantage that must be causing a few squeaky bum moments for the boys and girls in blue. Nobody wants to be a loser after six straight years of success...



The 1s beat Newcastle 4-2! A lot closer than it should have been!!


Newcastle can't cope with - we're their bogey team, the M1 and W1 have both been victorious! 10-7 to the lads & 3-2 to girls!


Great play from "We will come out of this with at least a draw, so much better than expected" Daniel R, M1


6-2 great finish men's 2s


And we're delighted to welcome @TNMediaBowe to the party:

We're here at Gateshead Stadium for some badders action from ! Some great comebacks from TN singles/doubles for at least a draw


TRY: Newcastle take lead in the M1 RL. 5-0


The men's 60m is so close.....but it's a poly win. Newcastle take the ladies. Northumbria lead 3.75 - 1.25 at the half way


Taking his lead from our inspirational Head Of Sport, super swimmer Jack Bridge rallies the troops:

This is the moment for all the Athletes... Let's see the lambs step up and become LIONS.


The Haskinator brings news of a thumping 62-30 win for Netball III. That has got to hurt like a Pardew butt.


Women's Lacrosse also fall to Premiership Newcastle at Steads, 18-3.


OOF. The Newcastle player just took an accidental whack in the face here at The Squash. Looked in pain and dazed. Thankfully ok...

'Oof is a much under-used word. But I like it.


Love it when the gaffer starts to get really passionate:

keep focused, every fixture, every tackle, every pass, every run, they ALL matter. Terrific results coming in. Inspiring

Women go down 22-5 in a fierce game big week to recover for with promotion to be won


Girls win final double 11-9 on the fifth game to clinch a point I'm bald and grey now poly table tennis


5-1 with the goal, nice finish from a good move


Nice to hear from one of this afternoon's key players:

Great crowd down at Gateshead Stadium for


4-1 Newcastle pull one back men's 2s football


GOAL: Hearing from CL that M2 Football are now 4-0 up.


Latest from the Haskinator and Netball III are 46-22 up after three quarters. Can't see this one going to penalties...


The lengths my colleagues will go to in order to ensure this is the best Stan Calvert service money can't buy:

Right after tweeting so much I have 14% battery so I'm currently sitting in C Stromsoy's car charging it up!

I've never been allowed in the Head Of Sport's car. I hear he has a mini bar, heated leather seats, sandwich toaster and one of those slots for your iPod. 

Golf news...and it's good:

1st team match still looking good with 2 games in the bag but tighter than it should be!!


@TNMediaDaniel's ears must have been burning. He's just rung in to say he went home to get changed into a shirt and tie before completing today's Media Team duties. That actually makes me feel prouder than any win I've noted so far today.


Another lull has allowed me to find the Mackems on Sky Go. They're winning. That is all.


Right, leaving CL for the time being. Going off to Cochrane Park to check out the Rugby League.

Racey is a machine. Fitness down to many a fast single for Backworth 3rd XI.


GOAL: M2 Football make it 3-0. Mistake by Newcastle keeper allows TN striker to round him and slide home.


What I said earlier about comebacks and limiting damage only applies to anyone in blue by the way...

We're hearing that from 15-0 down the rugby lasses have rallied to pull it back to 15-10....come on girls! Dig deep!


A little concerned that it's a while since we heard anything from @TNMediaDaniel - our man on the Tennis/Table Tennis beat. His iPhone (like his nose) was pretty smashed up yesterday so fingers crossed we can still reach him out there, somewhere, sometime...


Poly are first to hit 40 points as M2 post a convincing 38-4 victory. Onto the Ones now at Cochrane Park.


Back to the Haskinator at Sport Central and it's half-time in the Netball III clash. The great news is we're almost there with a 30-13 lead. Newcastle can dream of the comeback but they'd be better limiting the damage.


GOAL: M2 Football double their lead with a superb long range effort.


The start of M3 Squash coincides with the start of The League Cup final, defeats for Newcastle Uni and Sunderland please!

Not content with riling our cross-city rivals, the Peacemaker has a pop at SAFC fans too. On a full stomach he's one of the bravest blokes I know.


Romantic lunch with over, full up and good to see the Netball team winning!

That's what I love about this job. Two blokes meet up over the Stan Calvert action, swap tales of sporting glory, exchange numbers and Twitter names and suddenly romance is in the air...beautiful.



RESULT: W2 Football win 9-0. Fantastic.


GOAL: M2 Football score on the stroke of HT. 1-0.


Women are 15-0 down at half time huge 2nd half needed


A win for the men shot putt and a loss in the womens. We share the points. Currently northumbria 2.25 - 0.75 Newcastle


Long jump reaction:

Eventually smashed my 5 year old long jump pb

Nice little pb in the long jump.

For a second that looked like 'nice little pub in the long jump'. Imagine that? A quick half and a packet of prawn cocktail in the sand. Even I could manage a bounce around Gateshead Stadium if that was on offer.


Hoping the Head Of Sport reads this Tweet, It's the way to go. Save me a sun lounger for 2015 Katie...

Avidly following Stan Calvert from the beach in Marbella! Go


Hoops Hoops Hooray!! More POINTS IN THE BAG:

News from NU Sports Centre - M3 relegated NCL by beating them in league recently, and they've won SC too, 78-56!


Great news coming through from the Haskinator at Sport Central where Netball III are beating Newcastle 14-6. It's only the first quarter but the visitors have the proverbial mountain to climb after that stunning start.


A break in the squash until 2, I've escaped to the media balcony for some food and to watch Netball!

Hugely relieved that the Peacemaker is getting some food. He was this close (imagine the distance between your mouth and a French Fancy) to snapping.


RESULT: Hearing from NU Longbenton that W3 Hockey lose 4-0. Unlucky, valiant effort.

My new chums at NUMHC will be absolutely buoyant in the light of that victory. Such nice lads. I'm chuffed for them.

UPDATE: M2 Football need to get going, Newcastle had one on one but hit the bar. Close


running away with it 34-4


Seems Racey's taking on Newcastle SU in a new Stan Calvert sport: Twitter baiting. Watch this space or follow @TNMediaRace


Great to see that the Peacemaker is finally getting to grips with squash...it's only taken an hour or so.

Just realised no more matches to come in M3 Squash so Newcastle take it 2-1. Some great stuff played by . M2 Up next.


Excellent white wash in the mens and women's long jumps. Personal bests and seasons bests across the board

Not sure about the first hashtag. Can we just substitute 'thrashing' for 'bashing'?


Still 0-0 in the M2 Football at the Lane, TN left back clatters Newcastle right winger, Ref says: "He smashed him." Firm but fair I thought




A win for both males and female in the long jump

I know Twitter's not the ideal platform for emotive prose but...


We have a win on the board in the M3 Squash! John Pooley wins his match 3-0 to take the tie to 2-1 to Newcastle! Come on!


Racey's at the footy:


Oh no here we go, Coach Stromsoy has came alive

That should be 'come alive' Racey. Just because your left ear's been chewed off it shouldn't affect your written English. If it was your right finger, fair enough.


Welcome to the latest member of today's Media Team...the legend that is Table Tennis tactician Dave Godbold!!

men's table tennis 5-2 up ladies looking like its going to doubles unless Alex can defeat top chinese player


There's a lull. I love a lull. Time to sit back, soak up the atmopshere, recall my glory days as a frontline sports reporter and remember how lucky I am to be sat at my dining room table instead of at a desk in the Wembley press box. Really. No, really.


And the good news is flooding in... Men's squash 3s, ladies tennis, netball 4s, men's rugby 3s ALL WINNINGGG

Ok, ok. I know this is a NORTHUMBRIA feed but the fact remains that Newcastle don't have anything like it and so their plucky athletes and worried fans read this stream for all of their Stan Calvert info.

Plus Katie was dead canny at the Press Conference on Tuesday. She doesn't deserve to lose this year. But she probably will.


Right leaving NU Longbenton for the time being. Off to Coach Lane to check on the M3 Football. Current score there is 0-0.


Great poly spirit as rugby men's teams make a tunnel to cheer the girls into the pitch.Massive match against premiership newcastle


Women's 1sts tennis go down fighting 10-2...onto the Men's 1st where quite frankly I expect a whitewash 12-0 result! #OurYear#StanCalvert


3s go down fighting 35-12 next up the Women's 1stXV look to shock premiership Newcastle


After agonising one-goal defeat Netball IV coach Darcie Worsdale: "I think they played fantastically. That was our best game of the season and we really stepped up in the face of pressure. I couldn't ask any more of them and I'm really proud of the players."

Darcie will be back in action leading the line for the firsts later on after sinking a few (shots) against Surrey in the NSL yesterday. She eats, sleeps and breathes netball.



Stromsoy: "Wouldn't surprise me if the girls got into double figures here." Referring to W2 Football

Er, that's MR Stromsoy to you Racey. Just because it's Twitter doesn't mean you can't be polite.

Former TNMedia intern and the longest serving member of the team 'Timcredible' Andrews clearly wishes he was was pounding the Bullocksteads beat or catching the Coach Lane action:

great to see some positive results filling my Twitter newsfeed...but I need to know more. What's the weather doing?

By the way, Men's Tennis owe him a huge debt of gratitude for finally hanging up the raquet. 


Looks like the Peacemaker's really getting into his Squash. He could do with a win mind. He's a big lad, he hasn't had any lunch and he's likely to get very angry very soon.


Posh take the second match of the M3 Squash. David Medlicott loses 3-1. 2-0 to Newcastle in matches.


GOAL: W2 Football lead 6-0


Gutting defeat by 1 for the 4ths. Amazing play, well done girls


Choker in the Sport Central Arena as Newcastle IV snatch a dramatic 29-28 win to take the first Netball clash of the day. Thanks to big Martin for the updates.


Apologies for that last tweet, turns out it's best out of five... Who knew?

I reckon the players did James. But that's the joy of covering Stan Calvert. You report on sports you know absolutely nothing about and maybe never wanted to know anything about. But it's all good experience. Just ask the much-missed 'Timcredible' Andrews.


Thinking about lunch already. Reckon it's going to be an egg and tuna salad with chopped olives. Forget all you've ever heard about journalists eating pies and drinking beer. That's just Monday to Friday.


1-1 in match 2 of the M3 Squash as Northumbria's David Medlicott takes the second game to level up the match.


HT in W2 Football. TN lead 5-0. Complete dominance


Northumbria seconds 12 - Newcastle 0. 18min played.

Thanks Richard. Top man.


Back at the Netball and a rather shocked and confused Martin Haskin reports:

"Newcastle fans shouting 'we got GCSEs, you got STDs'." 

Just cover your ears Martin. We'll talk about it later.


Just bumped into Head of Sport C Stromsoy who says:"Tennis was fantastic, the guys played to such a high standard, great win."

He's the Sue Barker of TN. Tennis expert. Just all-round expert really. Even knows how to referee a beach volleyball match you know...


W3 Hockey concede two quick goals! Down 3-0 now but the Poly fans still full of voice


Great result for the 2nds winning 10-2! Hard luck to our girls who lost a close one - over to the Men's 1sts.....


If you're at a loose end then get to the Sport Central Arena NOW where Netball IV trail Newcastle by a point!! It's 23-24 heading into what could be a cracking fourth quarter. 


All done in the Men's 2nds tennis as we do our job and win convincingly 10-2 overall and add 2 pts to the tally! #OurYear#StanCalvert

Ok but you've only done half your job. Wrap up the rest of the tennis and get to the table tennis asap. Well done, by the way.

So if you haven't got the hang of this yet the latest news appears here - at the top.

For earlier stuff keep on reading.

The latest news is: it looks like all I'll be doing all day is copying and pasting tweets because there's no time for anything else.

Plus I've totally lost my confidence after Newcastle Men's Hockey Club questioned my journalism skills on Friday...


Northumbria's Jamie Burnett falls 2-0 down in the M3 Squash to Newcastle's Jack Hunter after losing the second game 11-4


GOAL: W2 Football make it three after SSP Hannah Marshall joins in the fun


Thanks to Rugby tweeters for this:

Bad 10 minutes either side of half time and 3s now trail 13-12 plenty of time left

Sadly Racey was right. W3 Hockey down 1-0.


From @TeamNorthumbria:

First full result of Day 8 - reports Gaelic Football comfortably beat the Posh 3-11 to 0-4 at Bullocksteads!

Love the scoring in the Gaelic footy. It's the only sport where a big win looks like a crushing loss. 

@MediaTeamRace again - he's putting in the hard miles already:

GOAL: I think W3 Hockey have conceded. Running over to et confirmation, bare with me please

Unless you're naked Racey - and there's always room for a streaker on Stan Calvert day - you mean BEAR with me. Don't worry - I'll keep you right.

Back to @TNMediaRace at Longbenton:

GOAL: W2 Football double their lead! Fantastic move finished clinically. I may be standing alone, but it's even quieter in the Posh end.

Newcastle have nudged ahead in the Netball IV clash at Sport Central - they lead 15-12 at half-time. Still all to play for there girls. Come on - bring home the win!

From Head Of Sport @cstromsoy:

M2 Tennis have just smashed Newcastle to take the points! Awesome standard and every player totally focused

From @TNMediaRace:

GOAL: W2 Football take the lead after dominating large parts of this first half. 1-0.

Hearing M2 Tennis have netted a big WIN against Newcastle in what's proving to be a vintage season for Sean Damer and his squad.

Reaction soon from @TNMediaDaniel - who was part of the victory.

Popped into Jack Grummitt's Stan Calvert Hub at Sport Central earlier - all the fixtures neatly displayed on the white board but peerless organisation is the least I'd expect from Jack the lad. 

Any fixture the Media Team can't make and he'll be all over it like a rash (and when it comes to rashes he's...ok let's not go there today).

News coming in from Martin Haskin (who doesn't have a TN Twitter account...yet) at Sport Central where it's neck and neck at the end of a tense first quarter in Netball IV.

It's 7-7 heading into the second period and an early win here would really set the tone.

Our Tennis players are contesting fixtures in Jesmond, North Tyneside and a deserted Sunderland on the day the Mackems look to cause an upset in the League Cup final.

@TNMediaDaniel will be playing for the men's seconds AND wrapping up all of the key tennis action before hot-footing it to the dark side to report on Table Tennis at the Newcastle Uni Sports Centre.

Anything with the word 'tennis' in it and he's on it.

After a 5-1 win in yesterday's swim meet at Sport Central Team Northumbria lead 30-24.

It's there for the taking, history in the making.

Let's do this!